With Heritage Business Systems, Inc.  MPS Services Managed Print Services, your company can gain control over - and dramatically reduce printing costs with no disruption. Additionally, Heritage Business Systems, Inc. MPS Services centralizes automatic toner fulfillment and scheduled maintenance, thereby maximizing productivity.

What can an MPS program do for you and your organization:

  • Gather meter reads without interruption
  • Reduce downtime
  • Free up IT time for more pressing needs
  • Respond rapidly to printer issues
  • Proactively maintain/supply your fleet of output devices
  • Provide ongoing assessment to maximize efficiency

Manage all your printers in four simple steps...

  A team of certified/professional MPS
consultants will assess your printing environment, including the
number of devices, print volumes and costs.

STEP #2 OPTIMIZATION:  We will optimize your printers and make
recommendations as to how Heritage Business Systems, Inc. MPS
Services can help keep them running smoothly.

STEP #3 ONGOING ANALYSIS:  Heritage Business Systems, Inc. MPS
Services continues analyzing your printers, identifying more ways to
reduce your costs without disrupting productivity.

STEP #4 SERVICE AND SUPPLIES:  Heritage Business Systems, Inc. MPS
Services will monitor your network printers, expediting the ordering
of Just in Time supplies, recognizing and resolving their
service needs, and automatically collecting meter counts for
accurate billing.

SINGLE SOURCE:  With Heritage Business Systems, Inc. MPS Services,
you only have one call to make for sales, service, support and billing.
It's a fully custom-designed solutions that streamlines and simplifies
every aspect of your printing network, resluting in a lower
total cost of ownership.

Next Steps:

Contact us or 800-422-7411

We will conduct a simple non-invasive assessment to identify all devices and volumes per device.

Based on the assessment, we will provide a simple, but detailed report offering alternatives to maximize productivity and cost savings.



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